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Work with the intelligences, with the mind, the heart and the will

“I scribe from the entire being and not just from what’s between my ears and my hands. So really trying to bring in a more full body experience into the scribing. That’s one thing that inspires me”,

answered Kelvy to my question: “What inspires you?”
Boom, I was thrilled! Even if I know Kelvys book and her model of the 4 Levels of Scribing, seeing Kelvy explaining that, let me forget my text.

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Fast – Messy – Get Stuff Down – Get Moving – Get Working With

This is what Brandy Agerbeck says in the 1st Ambassador live talk

She does not talk about techniques for self-management or household processes. No, it’s about “drawing”.
With the 4 quads of her drawing quad she shows us new perspectives on drawing.

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Is BLACK NOT BLACK? A wedge nib compared to itself

… or is it even more black?

In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the wedge nib markers, the marker superstars.

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Refill instead of throwing away

Easy refilling, right next to the clever ergonomics, was the main requirement when we developed the Neuland No.One® in 1994. Continue Reading

Neuland for Nerds: Hexadecimal colors.

Recently, we have been asked several times whether we could specify “hexadecimal values” for the color shades of our markers. If you do not know right away what is meant by this, you are probably not a web designer. As with printing, it is equally important that selected colors on a screen are being displayed authentically and reliably, e.g. for a website.
For this reason, a standardized naming of these colors has been developed for Screendesign. Do not worry, this will not turn into a specialist-seminar.
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Neuland AcrylicOne: Refills made easy

If you need opaque colours for lettering or visualizing, the AcrylicOne from the large Neuland range of markers is the right choice. Naturally, these are also refillable, and hence also the right choice economically as well as ecologically.
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The Neuland Marker Remix – Experiment and Experience

If you’re used to Neuland Markers, you know that you can refill them instead of buying new Markers. This is friendly to both environment and budget – and if you’re willing to play around a bit, it can be pure fun. Just mix. To get almost all thinkable colors you just need Continue Reading

Quick exchange: Nib replacement of Neuland Markers

It is very easy to replace our markers` nibs. What you should prepare and how to proceed with the replacement will be shown step by step.
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Stick-It WorkshopCards Tutorial

Stick-It WorkshopCards have come a long way and they are getting more and more popular all the time! They are visually exciting and naturally encourages interaction. So, we would like to share some tips and tricks to help you use them more efficiently and enable you to have a more successful meeting.

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Mark the Dots!

The simple marking dot can be effectively used in visualization workshops to help communicate and solve a variety of challenges. Here are a few suggestions on how to use this ordinary, but highly competent facilitation accessory to your advantage.

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Novario® CardBox Divider

The simple organizing Novario® accessory to help you create additional functionality to your CardBoxes! Continue Reading

Neuland Refill System: Before Refilling

The intelligent ink refill system for Neuland markers is simple and quick, but there are some key steps to note before you begin refilling your markers. We have recently made some modifications to the design to further guard against ink leakage. Continue Reading

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