Neuland for Nerds: Hexadecimal colors.

Posted on: 29. September 2017

Recently, we have been asked several times whether we could specify “hexadecimal values” for the color shades of our markers. If you do not know right away what is meant by this, you are probably not a web designer. As with printing, it is equally important that selected colors on a screen are being displayed authentically and reliably, e.g. for a website.
For this reason, a standardized naming of these colors has been developed for Screendesign. Do not worry, this will not turn into a specialist-seminar.
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Stick-It WorkshopCards Tutorial

Posted on: 18. April 2014

Stick-It WorkshopCards have come a long way and they are getting more and more popular all the time! They are visually exciting and naturally encourages interaction. So, we would like to share some tips and tricks to help you use them more efficiently  and enable you to have a more successful meeting.

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Mark the Dots!

Posted on: 28. March 2014

The simple marking dot can be effectively used in visualization workshops to help communicate and solve a variety of challenges.  Here are a few suggestions on how to use this ordinary, but highly competent facilitation accessory to your advantage.

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