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Marker inventory

Have you ever taken inventory of your markers? Of course we know that you have far fewer markers at home than we have in the Neuland Playground® or in stock. Taking inventory can be quite useful though. And it’s not even a lot of work! Continue Reading

Your individual color set

You feel like there’s a special color combo missing in our new range of color sets? Don’t let anybody tell you with which color combinations you have to work and simply create your own set! Continue Reading

Make your Shopping Lists work

Our grandmothers and great grandmothers already appreciated them. As everything the family needed was collected exactly there. Of course we’re talking about the shopping list.

Continue Reading

Sketchnote Lettering Skills with Mike Rohde

Lettering for sketchnotes … Isn’t that just called “handwriting”? It’s actually much more than that! Continue Reading

Handmade’s still the most beautiful!

Do you remember your last stroll through town? What do you often see in front of many stores? The typical postcard display stands that show many colorful cards. For every occasion, every city, every sight there are images neatly arranged and printed on glossy postcards. Very nice but “one of many”. It’s so much nicer to send individual, unique cards, lovingly crafted with your own message to your loved ones. Let us show you our ideas! Continue Reading

Sustainable gift ideas

And yet again, December is almost here and just as every year we intend to have everything ready before everyone else would storm into the shops. Wait a second … We’ve got some ideas for you! Continue Reading

Perfect Circles and Hexagons

Tired of taking your dishes to graphic facilitation jobs just to draw neat circles? We’ve got the solution!

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EuroPin W

pdfManual EuroPin W
language: german/ english


Novario® XL Trolley WorkshopCase Standard

pdfManual Novario® XL Trolley WorkshopCase Standard
Language: German/ English


Novario® WorkshopBag

pdfManual Novario® WorkshopBag
Langauge: German/English



TrainerCaddy Novario® XL

pdfManual TrainerCaddy Novario® XL
Language: German/ English

Download Manual


Refill Manual Neuland Markers

pdfManual How to refill Neuland-Markers
Language: German/ English

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