Looking back and looking forward

Posted on: 26. October 2018

Our anniversary year is slowly coming to an end. Such a birthday encourages reflection, looking back and looking forward.

Looking back we see moving years. Years of ups and downs, shared memories and – of course – our highlight of 2018: our Fifty Years of Passion celebration. Continue reading

Kanban? KanKan? But what is that?

Posted on: 13. September 2018

It may be the case that you have never heard of Kanban. Or only in connection with Scrum.

Maybe you work in IT development or in the automotive industry? Then you know Kanban. And also know how it works. But from the beginning: Kanban is Japanese

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You are what you wear – and that goes for bags too!

Posted on: 4. September 2018

„Clothes make people“ (literally translated) is a novella by the Swiss poet Gottfried Keller.

It’s one of the best-known stories in German-language literature and is about the tailor Wenzel Strapinski, who always dressed well despite his poverty. In a foreign city he’s considered a count because of his appearance … and at the end of the story Strapinski brings it to great prosperity.

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