Color Combos, Lettering Styles, AcrylicOne for Graphic Recording – Mini workshops as sources of inspiration

Posted on: 14. August 2018

During the EuViz®2018 there were three inspiring mini-workshops from our Ambassadors:

Brandy Agerbeck – Using Color Combos, Heather Martinez – 5 Letteringstyles in 5 Minutes, Renatta P.Algalarrondo – Using AcrylicOnes for Graphic Recording.

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EuViz 2018 or Markers Paradise in Denmark

Posted on: 10. August 2018

Hard to believe, EuViz 2018 is over. 180 visual practitioners from all parts of the world gathered to learn from each other and with each other.

In the middle of it a real Neuland shop. Built like a marker kiosk, where you could shop for new materials each day. Some even came by daily just to make sure that no marker request remained open. That’s what we call #Markerliebe

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“Understanding trends – creating the future!” – These were the degefest trade days in Osnabrück

Posted on: 11. July 2018

What are the current movers of the event industry – what are the trends and what do they mean to the sector?
These were the topical issues at the Deutsche Kongressfachverband degefest [German congress trade association degefest] at this year’s trade days in Osnabrück, 14 to 16 June 2018. The focus was on the following topics in particular:

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Lucky raffle winners: Off to Denmark!

Posted on: 21. June 2018

To all lucky winners of tickets to EuViz® 2018 and Workshops with Kelvy Bird and Heather Martinez: Book your flight and pack your markers! Off to Denmark!

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Meet peers, Learning & Growing, Sharing, Generosity, Location – Short: 5 Good Reasons to attend Euviz

Posted on: 11. June 2018

The EuViz is THE Conference for all Visualizers, Visual Practitioners … Visual Dings.

In short: For all the people who work with pictures and markers and people.
Christina and Mara from this years organizing team give us five really good reasons to visit the conference this year in a quick interview.

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