The Novario Trolley movie: Something to play, a surprise and something sweet.

Posted on: 6. December 2016

We have a special affinity for all of our uniquely designed products.  And we believe you too would love them once you got to know them.  So, we wanted to offer you a proper introduction to one particular innovative product with the talented help from Klaudia Tolman and Michael Trochimczyk from  As a result they created a video together with the Neuland team: a short fun video production of our Novario® Workshop Trolley that gives you an insightful look at this must-have for movers and shakers that could revolutionize how you work!
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Pre-conference session for advanced visual practitioners: Appreciative Visual Storytelling – join us to a visual hero’s quest! – with Martin Haussmann & Karina Antons

Posted on: 30. May 2014

Kommunikationslotsen is a business consultancy that introduced graphic recording and visual facilitation to a general public in Germany. Our mission is to combine process facilitation and visual facilitation for participative change projects. Continue reading