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Neuland UnderCover – Chapter 2: Blackberry

We are continuing our series with the second new lovely UnderCover colour: Blackberry!  Read on to learn how to create this fun new color and what else you can do with it.

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Neuland UnderCover – Chapter 1: Ocean

The Neuland Cover marker contains Cover Technology ink that provides opaque white results in a rich saturated finish. If the simplicity of sharp white on dark surfaces is not sufficient for your needs, you will definitely be impressed with our new UnderCover series. At Neuland, we strive to explore the endless possibilities that come with our innovations!

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Re-thought, Re-made: The Neuland Cover Marker

We first introduced our first white marker eight years ago and which really was ok – in its day. Yet a lot of things just weren’t as possible eight years ago as they are today. We were really a bit dissatisfied with the quality of the ink results from being too translucent and the time it took to gradually turn white as it dried.

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The new BulletProof comes as SpotOn Edition … really?

When we held the first copies of our new BulletProof notebook in our hands, we were thrilled.

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The V3 XL and Mary Poppins’ Mini: it’s a match

When we had the idea for the GraphicWall V3 XL, we were quite ambitious. We wanted it to offer plenty of space for graphic recordings, we wanted it stable and sturdy – on the other hand, it had to take up as little space as possible during transport and be easily portable.

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PinboardMagneticBoard ConferenceMobileRoomDivider system. (Or in short: pinGo®)

At first glance, the pinGo® Element looks like a normal pinboard: a two meterhigh board with its surface covered on both sides with high-quality felt.
Something similar you’ve seen before.

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FlipChart Guide

Such a vast selection of flipcharts, how am I supposed to decide which one’s right for me? Easy: with the Neuland FlipChart Guide!

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The Green Good Design® Award goes to …

We’ve just launched the Neuland BigOne® Art and it’s already been awarded a prize: the Green Good Design® Award!

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Your Marker: You sketch it, we print it!

Wanna have your sketch or lettering on your favorite Neuland Markers? No problem! You sketch it, we print it. And here’s how you do it:

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Outliner team

Orange housing and refillable permanent ink – the Neuland Outliner allows you to draw deep black lines that always look sharp.

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VarioOne® – your marker case

There are countless storage solutions for markers: small and handy, with large capacity, for your desk or when you’re on the road. With our VarioOne® you’re ready for any situation.

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