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White on Black … or when doodles turn into art

All workshops cancelled, there’s no job in sight until September … Suddenly I’ve got plenty of time to use my beautiful materials and my FlipChart in a new and different way.

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Everything starts … with a dot.

Take your Neuland BigOne® and gently press it on a piece of paper. This is the dot you start with. The rest comes with your imagination and a SketchOne.

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Lettering Together Meditation – FREE

Take respite from the chaos … Link to video

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Draw Sacred Geometry

Soothe your soul by drawing sacred geometry: The Flower of Life – Link to video

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Using my magic wands * Drawing to learn * [yoga]

Being at home due to coronavirus, I decided to start paying closer attention to yoga inspired by a publication on Continue Reading

How to spread joy with visual meditation

This little article shows you how you can relax by working with your markers and at the same time creating little greeting cards to let others know you are thinking of them. All you need is a blank postcard, a Neuland SketchOne and an Art marker in light grey.

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