Ever thought about using our Neuland® Calendar as a storyboard for your stories?

Hanno Langfelder just did that now and told a picture story to his five-year-old son. Incidentally, the day boxes are perfect for that.

A bedtime story on the Neuland® calendar

Story: Small creatures have a challenge

They want ice cream and chocolate for dessert, but they have to overcome various obstacles and challenges; escape from a crocodile and a rocket, overcome abysses and finally, after the success, get ready for bed and fall asleep satisfied. The End.

We find that this is a very nice idea and a very magical story.

By the way, we also have a tip for you

Did you know that the calendar is also perfect for making notes for your own little video? Mostly, animated videos have 24 frames per second. With stop-motion video, it’s often just 12 frames per second to get that special stop-motion look. For a short animation, you will definitely get along well with the day boxes for a month. At the end you have at least 12 small storyboards or scripts for your own little videos.

Psst! If you need more space for your notes, have a look at our Sketchnote category. There you’ll find a number of beautiful sketchbooks and markers to bring your stories to life.

Now we’re waiting for your ideas.

We say thank you to Hanno Langfelder for sharing his story with us.
What stories can you tell?