„Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future”

Ryder Carroll definitely has her finger on the pulse as she brought the old school journal back to our lives. By putting a new spin on it, she managed to create a cool lifestyle around her method of Bullet Journaling.


Bullet Journaling combines two colorless habits to create one completely new method. Everyone can decide how to design his Bullet Journal and which elements he wants to use. But how do you start your first Bullet Journal?


There are various different ways to organize and optimize your life but first you need the right equipment. Obviously, the most important item is the journal itself and our BulletProof is the perfect book for Bullet Journaling. Its pages contain the typical dot pattern that you probably know already from Pinterest and other pages.



Next, you should make a plan. Which contents do you want to include in your new, fancy journal and what are your aims? On one hand, a good way to organize your daily life is a calendar that’s tailored to your needs. On the other hand, you can find a vast amount of creative ideas online that will make your BulletProof even more interesting. From mood trackers to meal planners there’s definitely something for everyone. The easiest way to get an impression is to google or search other websites to find exciting content for your journal. When your head is full of ideas that are waiting to be written down, you should first put them on a piece of paper to create a list of content. And when you arranged the items in an order that you like, you can transfer your list of content to your BulletProof, but leave the first one or two pages blank to have enough space left for a nice covering page.



Now, it’s getting down to the nitty-gritty. Imagine how your BulletProof will look like – which style do you like and what colors do you want to use? On our website, we offer numerous tips on how to choose your Markers and on our YouTube Channel you can find great lettering tutorials. Our Ambassador Heather Martinez will help you to learn how to letter neatly – everyone can do it, you just have to practice. As soon as you know which markers and pens you need for your BulletProof, you have to choose since we offer all kinds of colors, nibs and sizes.