… And how did you like Heidrun and Nicole’s Bullet Journaling seminar?

– Well, if it was that easy to put it into words without talking about it for a whole day. Alright, for you, I’ll try. 🙂

Participant Lisa is looking back on a colorful and moving Bullet Journal workshop at the Neuland headquarters on September 09 and 10 …

Imagine, you’re six years old again, it’s the night before Saint Nicolas Day and you’re sitting on the top stair to keep sight of your Christmas stockings. That pretty much describes the way we felt before Nicole Hackenberg and Heidrun Künzel finally arrived in Eichenzell. This might seem a bit farfetched for some of you but we were really excited and – spoiler alert – our already high expectations were even topped.

It will probably stay a secret how the two managed to do it but somehow it felt like we had already known each other for a long time before forming this group. We are single parents, young teachers or organized workaholics and all of us were wild about Bullet Journaling, and rightly so. Of course, we got even more excited when we were handed the new BulletJournal Kit by Neuland. This way, we could start journaling immediately.

And what did we actually learn? How about everyting! From the index and structure, to various types of calenders, right up to trackers, collections and different kinds of diaries. We know it all. We learned to develop new routines for better planning, overcome our own obstacles and create a clear and neat journal by adding symbols and colors. And, believe me, it feels extremely relieving once you know how it works and how you can simply organize everything in your indiviual Bullet Journal. And here, the emphasis it put on “simply”, as nobody wants to invest additional time to work on his journal. The opposite is true: We want to save time.

Okay, I have to admit that I’m so proud of my little treasure that I very well dedicate some time to pimp my journal on the weekend. But I’m also bragging so much about it that most of my friends want to see it and, obviously, my baby needs to look neat and tidy then. 😉

As you can see, the Neuland BulletProof has dotted lines. This makes it way easier to keep a tidy journal with straight lines, particularly for beginners. Plus the dots are very subtle and are still of great help when writing or drawing. Speaking of drawing … I myself am not that skilled when it comes to this topic. That’s why I was giddy with excitement when we got the BulletProof stickers on the second day of the workshop. People who were walking past the seminar room probably thought the Backstreet Boys were in town. By the way, they are in the Bullet Journal Kit as well. Of course, I’m speaking of the stickers.

Moreover, there was a Neuland FineOne® Art included in the kit. This one slightly scared me off at first but once I had tried it, I realized how broadly applicable it actually is. You can use it to shade or paint containers. And after adding a few stickers and brush strokes, everything looks way better already. Heidrun and Nicole showed us all these things in an incredibly loving way. And now, we’ve got a loyal companion in our daily life and, not only that, we also met great like-minded people we can share our journals and experiences with.

If you too are keen on learning how to organize everything in one book without great effort, simplifying the way you plan your life and create a clear and neat journal through visualization, we’ve got great news for you! Since not only the participants were quite excited but Nicole and Heidrun were as well so happy about the seminar’s success that there will be another BuJo workshop soon. Of course, it will be held in marker paradise Neuland in Eichenzell. And you can already book it here! (Please note that the workshop is held in German)