We all know them: the beautiful Bullet Journals on Pinterest that already make us give up before we actually started. But there’s no need to be discouraged! We’ll show you easy tricks to create a journal that’s nothing to sneeze at – without great effort.

1. Use stickers!

Nobody can say that this is not a super fast solution. If you connect your keywords to images, you can memorize them more easily and it looks a lot nicer. Then add a bit of color and done!

2. Use colors!

Even if you prefer to keep it simple … better add some beautiful pastel shades than no colors at all. You can have colored bullet points, underline your headings, or simply frame the whole page with a color of your choice. Moreover, shadows always look impressive. Just take one of our grey markers and you’ll see how easy it is.

Tip: If your journal consists of different categories (calendar, trackers, collections, …), you can allocate each one a color and frame the pages respectively. Or you just put some Washi Tape on the margin of the book and it will be easier to search for a categorie without even opening the Bullet Journal.

3. Just do it!

Many are afraid of a journal that doesn’t look perfect. But this is what makes it charming! Of course, you can draw all lines using a ruler but you’re much faster without. Why don’t you start with dashed or dotted lines. That’s easier and more varied. If you like, you can paint over your lines with a color as well.

Tip: While drawing a line look at where you want to go instead of the marker or even the line you already drew. Sounds pretty redundant but it actually works for many people who have a problem with straight lines.

You need:

  • Washi Tapes, item no.: 8078.0700 / 8078.0701 / 8078.0702 / 8078.0703
  • BulletProof, item no.: 8030.7310
  • BulletProof Sticker, item no.: 8078.0302

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