Meet the biggest brush marker yet: the Neuland BigOne® Art! And who’s better to introduce this lettering artist than Neuland Ambassador® Heather Martinez?!

The biggest brush marker

Finally! The Neuland BigOne® Art is here and we’re proud as a peacock. Since this is the world’s first big brush nib marker, there’s loads of interesting things to know about this beautiful creation. In this blog article, lettering expert Heather Martinez will share everything you could possible wanna know about the new BigOne. If you’re only interested in a certain category, feel free to skip to the respective position by clicking on the menu below.

Interview with Heather Martinez – read the transcript below

Transcript of the Interview about the Neuland BigOne® Art

Being the BigOne Art’s godparent, you were one of the first people to test it. What was the first thing you thought when you held it in your hands?

Finally! A dream come true! The most frequently asked question I get when teaching how to use the No.One Art is, “When is Neuland going to come out with a BigOne version? I asked Guido this question over 5 years ago and the concern was the delivery of the ink through that large of a nib. Now he has engineered a way to make that happen and the world is a better place!

There’s no comparable marker on the market right now. Could you give our readers an impression for which tasks they could use the BigOne Art? In which situation is it a must-have?

The BigOne Art is a must-have for title-size lettering on our charts. For those who want to write large-scale brush lettering instead of drawing faux calligraphy, the BigOne Art is the right tool for the job. It’s perfect for wall-size charts, pinboards, and flipcharts. I also use this most versatile marker to address large parcels I send in the mail.

As you’re the Lettering Queen, have you already created a new lettering style with the BigOne Art, or are you planning to do so? 😉

Yes, it’s currently under final design and testing. In the meantime, I have already translated 5, count them, FIVE lettering styles anyone can start using now.

  • Wacky Western
  • Sign Painter
  • Brush Lettering
  • National Parks
  • Twinkle

You can also use the BigOne Art to write:

  • Architect
  • Double stroke first stroke
  • Neuland Hand
  • Carol DuBosch’s Jubilee Script

The lettering style I’m working on right now I originally used the FineOne Flex to write. But now that we have the BigOne Art, we can go from business card size to flipchart for a single letter! Because Neuland has designed a body of tools that are so interchangeable, I’m creating an exemplar that can be replicated and customized by anyone using the FineOne Flex, No.One Art and BigOne Art.

Handlettering by Heather Martinez
Heather shows what’s possible with the Neuland BigOne® Art.

Can’t wait to start practicing? Sign up for one of Heather’s online courses!

Now that we’ve already talked about some of the lettering styles that go well with the BigOne Art, which one’s your favorite for this marker?

Wacky Western is my absolute favorite! It’s fun and funky, easy to write fast and has a great rhythm to it, and it looks the best large. Anyone who knows me knows that the brush nib is my favorite because it’s the most versatile. My favorite lettering styles are the ones I feel most confident writing.

Why would you recommend the Neuland BigOne® Art?

This marker will round out your collection. It does things no other marker can do and there is nothing like it on the market. When you’re working on large formats, even if you’re not a visual practitioner, you absolutely have to have it!

I’d recommend buying it in the colors you love. And I like getting the empty ones and filling them with my favorite ink. Neuland inks mix very well together, so I love making my own signature inks as well.

Scaling up and down

Now you might wonder if there’s actually a difference between the Neuland No.One® Art and the Neuland BigOne® Art. So, Heather took the opportunity to show you all the different sizes of our brush markers:

Comparing all Neuland Markers with a flexible nib

Tips and tricks to master the Neuland BigOne® Art

The best way to master the BigOne Art is to build confidence and finesse. Heather is a well-known lettering expert and knows exactly what’s important when using the Neuland BigOne® Art and how to improve your handlettering, even if you don’t believe you can do it. So, listen to her tips and tricks, and level up your lettering!

Good to know – the handling

  • Always use the ergonomic grip when writing.
  • Learn marker manipulation by starting with brush lettering: angle, pressure, release and the finesse you need to weld a brush nib marker.
  • Use the Handlettering Learning Pad (either size) to follow the slope lines. It’s the fastest way to learn and improve. I used to think I was smart enough to do it without but my lettering suffered for years.
  • Take your time! The bigger your writing the longer it takes.

Good to know – the nib

  • Keep it full of ink! If you wait until it’s dry, your nib will wear out faster. Don’t add too much though, you don’t want to overfill.
  • If the nib gets worn, you can rotate it for a firmer feel.
  • Replace the nibs early and often. When you do, be sure to push it in the correct amount by referencing another marker. Meaning: too far and you won’t have enough flex, not enough and it might not clear the cap.
  • Remember to store your Neuland BigOne® Art it nib down.
Confidence and finesse with the Neuland BigOne® Art

Good to know – the lettering styles

  • Brush lettering: perfect to get a feeling for the Neuland BigOne® Art! This slow lettering style helps you build finesse.
  • Sign painter: ideal to build confidence! It’s stylish and when tandem recording it’s a great way for your charts to have consistency between recorders.
  • Use every learning resource you can get and sign up for my free course: Unlock Your Neuland Markers!