“Put everything in motion” was the slogan of this year’s TYPO “wanderlust” conference in Berlin, which ran from 25-27 May 2017.

Around 1600 people from around the world put themselves in motion, to visit TYPO! Berlin’s House of World Cultures, Berlin’s “Pregnant Oyster”, provided the setting for this meeting of Inquisitive, creative, innovative and experiment-loving minds.

And of course, Neuland was there! The real highlight for us was not only the fact that we were meeting in Berlin’s most beautiful conference centre, but also the opportunity to participate in one of the most important creative events worldwide. “An excellent decision”, was the verdict from the Neuland team, comprised of Dominik Parson and Laila Silva-Tello.



Photos: Copyright Gerhard Kassner, Monotype



Some of our markers were already sold out on the first day of the conference. And we really brought huge quantities with us … 🙂
Our sketchbooks, handlettering products and special markers for contours (the Neuland Outliner) were an ideal addition to lettering- and sketching-themed workshops. Our ArtMarker in particular, the artist’s tool in the Neuland No.One® range with its characteristic brush tip, was widely praised as the ideal calligraphy marker.



Photos: Copyright Gerhard Kassner, Monotype



Our heartfelt thanks to Drury, who visited our exhibition booth and provided spontaneous small-scale calligraphy workshops with our markers, and also designed pouches for TYPO visitors with our Neuland BigOne®. So now, everyone carries a little bit of Neuland with them. ☺



Photo: Copyright Sebastian Weiß, Monotype


On the second day of the conference, the Neuland team was supported by our special guest, Justo from bikablo® akademie, who used short 15-minute workshops to encourage visitors to put their trust in visualisation and show them to create flipcharts in a few simple steps using bikablo® visualisation techniques.

We want to say thank you – to all of our visitors, and also of course to the conference team for a highly successful, perfectly organised conference event.


Photos: Copyright Norman Posselt, Monotype