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Sonja is a passionate visual thinker and business mind with more than 15 years corporate leadership experience. Making complex stories short and enable meaningful discussions for enhanced collaboration and communication funneled by her creative ideas. Offering added value to clients with ‘SketchIdeas’– capturing content, consulting processes and strategies and connecting people by visual working. Please connect with Sonja on Instagram @sos19sketch.

Mix it up! Ink that is … – Update

This chart gives you a short journey into the world of easy color mixing – starting with your idea about a new color leading into the mixing process. Working drop by drop at first, then going into details of neiling it down and scaling it up to finally have your first empty marker filled with your new color, shade or tint. Here’s how to work with creative confidence!

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Mix it up! Ink that is …

Did you know that Neuland has a new color wheel thanks to the colorful mind of Brandy Agerbeck? It’s such a great resource. You can use it to find and fill gaps and mix your own colors!

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