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The Friends are in the shop!

Diversity is an issue! And in order to use it correctly in visualizations, Neuland® has developed a skin tone palette. We call it Friends.

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No shaking and no pumping: The new metallic markers are in the shop now

“Metallic pencils that do not need to be shaken or pumped? Really?”, you may think. But it is true: you do not need to shake or pump our Neuland NoOne® Metallics before use. Cap off and get started!

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50 years of Neuland

The feet hurt a bit, but the heart is still dancing …

Last Saturday, we celebrated 50 years of Neuland together with 330 guests in the Schilde-Halle in Bad Hersfeld: with the Neuland team, our ambassadors and resellers, suppliers, partners, customers … so everyone who is important to us!

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Two pages, two colors, two hands – Jimi Holstebro works in a 4-2 sketch

You can only do something like that with our 4-2 Sketch. Jimi Holstebro shows us in this video how he works with both hands in the 4-2 Sketch notebook.

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Drawn to help & Help to draw – A trip to Romania

In this post Verena Hanke-Neuland talks about a special trip to Romania. But also about the happiness and generosity of a community that sticks together and supports each other in everyday life to master the small and big hurdles in life together.

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Mix your favorite color with the RefillOne refill ink – Ambassador Live-Session with Diane Bleck

Diane Bleck has been a Graphic Facilitator for 20 years. She works with big and small companies to bring their ideas to life.

Diane loves colors and loves to work with strong colorful colors.

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Kanban? KanKan? But what is that?

It may be the case that you have never heard of Kanban. Or only in connection with Scrum.

Maybe you work in IT development or in the automotive industry? Then you know Kanban. And also know how it works. But from the beginning: Kanban is Japanese

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You are what you wear – and that goes for bags too!

„Clothes make people“ (literally translated) is a novella by the Swiss poet Gottfried Keller.

It’s one of the best-known stories in German-language literature and is about the tailor Wenzel Strapinski, who always dressed well despite his poverty. In a foreign city he’s considered a count because of his appearance … and at the end of the story Strapinski brings it to great prosperity.

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Video postcard from the Neuland® V3 GraphicWall or An unusual journey through Switzerland

With a few markers in the backpack over the Alps, almost anyone can do that. But just do it with a Neuland® GraphicWall V3.

Transport dimensions: W 83 x H 140 cm, Weight: 13 kg. Let’s go. Well, maybe not over it, over the Alps, but at least Tony Johnston, David Andress and Filippo Buzzini have just set up the wall in some especially beautiful places in Switzerland, including graphic recording. Outside in the mountains. Outside in the forest.

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Did you know that Neuland® has a good nose for markers?

No? You didn’t know? Well, then take a good look.

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To understand and to be understood – Students visualize in school?

Hand-drawn is currently very popular in business and workshops

For both, teachers and students, it is important that small drawings influence the learning process positively. Graphic recordings accompany group processes and events and sketchnoting helps each to keep the very own insights.

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Color Combos, Lettering Styles, AcrylicOne for Graphic Recording – Mini workshops as sources of inspiration

During the EuViz®2018 there were three inspiring mini-workshops from our Ambassadors:

Brandy Agerbeck – Using Color Combos, Heather Martinez – 5 Letteringstyles in 5 Minutes, Renatta P.Algalarrondo – Using AcrylicOnes for Graphic Recording.

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