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Last-minute Easter egg decoration

Did you forget to buy color for Eastereggs? Would you like to try out some lettering on Easter eggs? Have you ever thought of using your Outliner with the brush nib for this?

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Monas 3. postcard from South Africa – Drawn to help, Help to draw

The past week has been one of planning and preparations for the weeks to come 🙂

On Monday we leave for Springbok, close to the Namibian border to run workshops in several schools during the week, so we have been renting car, sorting accommodation and other planning.

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Monas 2. postcard from South Africa – Drawn to help to draw

Time is flying and we have already completed week 3 on our journey. And what a week!

We have had some practices with the whole crew in the Pre Primary School in Athlone, doing a lot of body work and getting into the practice for our show. A lot of fun and stretching out of the comfort zone :o)

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Heather is here! An exclusive report from the Neuland® headquarters

Heather Lettering Martinez visited Neuland® headquarters. What they plotted with her there, that’s still top secret, but a few paparazzi have leaked secret photos.
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Customer Tip – Using the Neuland® calendar as a storyboard

Ever thought about using our Neuland® Calendar as a storyboard for your stories?

Hanno Langfelder just did that now and told a picture story to his five-year-old son. Incidentally, the day boxes are perfect for that.

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Drawn to help to draw – Postcard by Mona from South Africa

I’m happy to send you the very first update from Cape Town. I arrived on Friday afternoon, but lots have happened since! 🙂

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Finally here, the Neuland ChalkOne® – 2 marker addicts, 16 ChalkOne and a lot of fun

Maybe you have been to EuViz® in 2018 and have already bought your first Neuland ChalkOne® EuViz Edition? Lucky you! For everyone else it was time to wait: “Please be patient! It takes a while until you’ll find them in our shop!”
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High Noon in the conference room or Our SaddleBag in your workshop

Considered sober, our saddlebag is a felt bag that you discreetly place as a worktool in the conference room.

On a closer look, she is a clever material bag for our Neuland Werkwand®, pinboards and FlipCharts and many other fields of application.

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Drawn to help & Help to Draw – Mona Ebdrup about her visual project in South Africa

In the interview about the project Mona Ebdrup says, “My plan is to spend three months in Cape Town from mid-February to mid-May 2019, visually documenting that people have very similar dreams and visions for the future, even in one of the most inequal societies in the world.”

The idea is to have a 3 months process where the first 8 weeks will be about visual thinking workshops for schools, organisations and corporates. Continue Reading

Two handed drawings & what it is good for – With Jimi Holstebro

Did you know that two handed drawings are really helpful for everybody in the visual family? No? Then you should watch the talk with our Ambassador from Denmark, Jimi Holstebro.

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Thinking with Hands® is a new colleague of the TeamBank

The TeamBank AG in Nuremberg has a new helper: the creative method Thinking with Hands®. All their employees have user kits available. Continue Reading

Looking back and looking forward

Our anniversary year is slowly coming to an end. Such a birthday encourages reflection, looking back and looking forward.

Looking back we see moving years. Years of ups and downs, shared memories and – of course – our highlight of 2018: our Fifty Years of Passion celebration. Continue Reading

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