Author Renatta Pastorino Algalarrondo

Renatta is a seasoned graphic recorder and Neuland Ambassador® based in the US. She has supported meetings and events for Fortune 500 companies around the world and across industries. She is formally trained as a nutritionist and visual artist and her specialization is in working with acrylics. With her deep artistic skills, she adapts and incorporates art techniques into her live visual recordings for an engaging result that people will readily share. Even while working with digital mediums like the graphic recording on the iPad, she adds artistic nuances and textures to enhance the final digital artifacts.

Printable Connect the Dots and Coloring In

Let’s all have fun, kids and adults connecting the dots and coloring in these images!

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Changeable-panel door knob hanger

Create a fun door knob hanger and a set of panels with different messages for your own use or send it as a gift to family members or friends.

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Create a pocket-sized notebook with Pin-It Cards

Let’s create a pocket-sized notebook to jot down ideas, highlights of the week, the weekly gratitude list or even to give it to the kids and help them to keep track of activities and how many stars they’ve earned by accomplishing them!

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