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“Understanding trends – creating the future!” – These were the degefest trade days in Osnabrück

What are the current movers of the event industry – what are the trends and what do they mean to the sector?
These were the topical issues at the Deutsche Kongressfachverband degefest [German congress trade association degefest] at this year’s trade days in Osnabrück, 14 to 16 June 2018. The focus was on the following topics in particular:

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Cocktails against the winter blues

Do you feel the same way? You leave the house, it’s dark and cold, it’s snowing, it’s raining and on top of that it’s storming. There is no need to bother about a nice hairdo. And summer is still so far away …
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Ahoy! Graphic Recorder meeting in Hamburg

Neuland isn’t far away when Germany‘s Graphic Recorders enter the Hamburg harbor!
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Exchange + Learn + Network = Better Facilitating

This is basically the simple formula of the Facilitator Conference that took place at the end of September in Beilngries, Altmühltal. It was organized by Moderatio related to the 30 year company anniversary.
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Back from TYPO Berlin “wanderlust” international design conference

“Put everything in motion” was the slogan of this year’s TYPO “wanderlust” conference in Berlin, which ran from 25-27 May 2017.
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Neuland AcrylicOne: Refills made easy

If you need opaque colours for lettering or visualizing, the AcrylicOne from the large Neuland range of markers is the right choice. Naturally, these are also refillable, and hence also the right choice economically as well as ecologically.
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Let’s start at the beginning: Beautiful writing is unexplored territory for many of us.

L. L. L., W. W. W., N. N. N.: Many of us remember the days in primary school spent slowly drawing curly lines and squiggles on the paper, and taking great care to stay within the light-grey lines on our school books. Our knuckles turned white with concentration, and we got a little bit better each day – until it was sometimes possible to read some of what we wrote.

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New regulations have put our alcohol-based ink on the shelf.

These news are upsetting: our Refill Inks for the Whiteboard and SlickyOne markers are leaving our product range. The reason for this is the EU regulation 1272/2008.
According to this regulation alcohol-based ink is classified as „dangerous goods“. That means it must be packed, stored and transported with special effort.

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