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Travel Sketchnotes: right timing and implementation

How do you find the time to travel sketchnote in your irregular and exciting travel schedule? What are the tips and tricks from a world traveler, which you can easily implement? I’ll tell you in this third part of the Travel Sketchnote series. 

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Travel Sketchnotes: Structure

WWhich structures and templates are best for Travel Sketchnotes? Which one suits you and your experiences best? I’ll answer that here in the second part of the Travel Sketchnote series.

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Travel Sketchnotes: My top 14 Travel Icons

Welcome to the first part of the Travel Sketchnote series. Today we’re talking about creating your own icon library and which travel icons you should know about for your Neuland sketchbook

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Travel Sketchnotes: NEULAND IN SIGHT

Welcome to the inspiring world of Travel Sketchnotes. I’m Franzi, a travel enthusiast, creative director and sustainability enthusiast. Currently I’m on the road once again and taking a trip around the world. A sustainable world trip, to be exact.

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The new BulletProof comes as SpotOn Edition … really?

When we held the first copies of our new BulletProof notebook in our hands, we were thrilled.

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FlipChart Guide

Such a vast selection of flipcharts, how am I supposed to decide which one’s right for me? Easy: with the Neuland FlipChart Guide!

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The Green Good Design® Award goes to …

We’ve just launched the Neuland BigOne® Art and it’s already been awarded a prize: the Green Good Design® Award!

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Your Marker: You sketch it, we print it!

Wanna have your sketch or lettering on your favorite Neuland Markers? No problem! You sketch it, we print it. And here’s how you do it:

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Outliner team

Orange housing and refillable permanent ink – the Neuland Outliner allows you to draw deep black lines that always look sharp.

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Neuland at the Visual Thinking Global Summit 2022

The Visual Thinking Global Summit is over and we already miss it! For those of you who couldn’t be there we wanted to share the experience …

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VarioOne® – your marker case

There are countless storage solutions for markers: small and handy, with large capacity, for your desk or when you’re on the road. With our VarioOne® you’re ready for any situation.

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