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Doodle goes Shnrpl

Some 40 years ago, the German artist and cartoonist F. K. Waechter invented the game “Shnrpl” for his children book “Opa Hucke’s Mitmach-Kabinett”. You can play it alone or together with friends and family, and you only need paper and a pen.

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Bullshit – and how to have fun with it

My father was a farmer. We had cows and bulls, and a big dung heap. When a kid, my sisters and I used to play a game called “Mistfahren” (driving the dung).

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Christmas is coming. For some very much so.

So, all are busy with festive preparations. One of the most difficult things for us (and every company) is the Christmas card. What should it say? Who was nice and gets one? And above all: What kind of motif is on it? For us as a comparatively small consignor it’s a bit complicated. But there are
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Please note: Pretty is what we make of it.

The confusion begins with the question what one calls what many of us do: make sketchnotes. Bulletjournaling*? Draw in your diary? Scribble lists? Make every day a bit prettier? One person calls it that, the next one calls it this – everyone has in common that they enjoy bringing things into books. And it goes something like this:

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Shop report: Car repair with Neuland Metallics

Neuland® actually started its business in metal processing 50 years ago but, business has changed quite a bit since the days of garage doors and fences. Although, now we‘re supposed to test our latest products on cars? „They could use some color“, said the owner and indeed,
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Kandinsky says: Everything starts from a dot … we are wondering, why not with four?

We have revised our VizDots (formally known as Marking Dots – Visual). Just because we thought it’s about time to give them a new face. We like the result. Four faces, that you can smack onto ideas and suggestions – right away on your pinboard.
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Neuland for Nerds: Hexadecimal colors.

Recently, we have been asked several times whether we could specify “hexadecimal values” for the color shades of our markers. If you do not know right away what is meant by this, you are probably not a web designer. As with printing, it is equally important that selected colors on a screen are being displayed authentically and reliably, e.g. for a website.
For this reason, a standardized naming of these colors has been developed for Screendesign. Do not worry, this will not turn into a specialist-seminar.
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Writing beautifully is all the rage – and it is fun too.

At some point Sandra Mesas from Trier moved from typesetting to hand lettering. She does so with huge passion and not so long ago came across our hand-lettering set. We’re delighted she did. Continue Reading

The Neuland Marker Remix – Experiment and Experience

If you’re used to Neuland Markers, you know that you can refill them instead of buying new Markers. This is friendly to both environment and budget – and if you’re willing to play around a bit, it can be pure fun. Just mix. To get almost all thinkable colors you just need Continue Reading

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