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Heather Martinez is a visual practitioner, lettering artist, Neuland Ambassador® and the founding Art Director/Agile Scrum Master of the Visioneering team (8 visual practitioners working to create immersive environments for innovation). When she isn’t supporting high-performing teams or graphic recording, she’s helping others feel good about their lettering as they write in front of others at meetings and events. Please connect with Heather on Instagram @corpgraffitiart. You can learn the techniques visual professionals use in “Unlock Your Neuland Markers” at

Learn to Sketchnote!

Imagine being in a calligraphy class or art workshop taking notes but all the pages look the same. It’s hard to look back and remember what you wrote and where to find it. What makes one line of text differ from the rest? Link to video

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Dada Dictionary Game

“Dada is what you can make out of yourself.” —Hausmann

Link to video

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Lettering Together Meditation – FREE

Take respite from the chaos … Link to video

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Draw Sacred Geometry

Soothe your soul by drawing sacred geometry: The Flower of Life – Link to video

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Apply an Ombre Effect to Your Letters

Ever wonder how to make letters colorful and pop off the page?
Here you can learn what lettering styles look good and how to add graduation (aka Ombre) to them using brush nib markers. Link to video

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