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FACILITAPE – Tape conquers the world of workshops

Matthias, the founder of Facilitape has been using tape for over ten years to transform boring workshop rooms into creative oases.

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Why we decided to double the Neuland Scholarship

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and that was the case in our scholarship search for the IFVP Global Summit.  We had the opportunity to offer two Neuland scholarships and to our surprise, we received an overwhelming response of applications. 

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Are you a visual thinker eager to participate in the 2024 IFVP Global Summit in Montclair, NJ USA?  
If you are, then we at Neuland invite you to take part in our scholarship opportunity for two successful applicants to attend the 2024 IFVP Global Summit valued up to $2,110.00 USD.

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Neuland UnderCover – Chapter 2: Blackberry

We are continuing our series with the second new lovely UnderCover colour: Blackberry!  Read on to learn how to create this fun new color and what else you can do with it.

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Neuland UnderCover – Chapter 1: Ocean

The Neuland Cover marker contains Cover Technology ink that provides opaque white results in a rich saturated finish. If the simplicity of sharp white on dark surfaces is not sufficient for your needs, you will definitely be impressed with our new UnderCover series. At Neuland, we strive to explore the endless possibilities that come with our innovations!

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Art with refills

Acrylic colors are perfect for drawing on all kinds of material. But you don’t necessarily have to use markers like the Neuland AcrylicOne. Why don’t you try our refills?

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Let’s scribble!

Have you ever drawn a scribble picture? You only need a fineliner like the SketchOne, a piece of paper or a blank postcard and some practice.

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Foam board figures come to life

White foam boards, a Neuland No.One® Estatics and a fretsaw. This is all you need to breath life into the figures you draw.

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Refill instead of throwing away

Easy refilling, right next to the clever ergonomics, was the main requirement when we developed the Neuland No.One® in 1994. Continue Reading

International Sketchnote Camp 2017, Hamburg

You don’t actually need a special reason to visit Hamburg. But there was one – and a very good one at that: namely, the first International Sketchnote Camp. With numerous visitors from throughout Europe and even a few “celebrities” from overseas. Continue Reading

Is it that time of year again already…?

When suddenly you receive a mailshot which in turn contains a small, beautifully printed bag – this doesn’t mean Christmas is here again. No, it is in fact the second mailshot in our HANDS ON series, which we launched this year.
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The Novario Trolley movie: Something to play, a surprise and something sweet.

We have a special affinity for all of our uniquely designed products. And we believe you too would love them once you got to know them. So, we wanted to offer you a proper introduction to one particular innovative product with the talented help from Klaudia Tolman and Michael Trochimczyk from As a result they created a video together with the Neuland team: a short fun video production of our Novario® Workshop Trolley that gives you an insightful look at this must-have for movers and shakers that could revolutionize how you work!
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