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At the turn of the century, Elena Urizar advocates for the integration of creativity and imagination as a strategic element for personal and business development.
Her career has travelled in search of that. In earlier stages she worked as a graphic designer at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and also as a creative and account manager in various advertising agencies. For more than 10 years, she was responsible of defining and coordinating UX projects at the IT company Indra Sistemas.
Currently she is implementing the value of the combination of experiences as an independent professional of the visual practice.
BA in Fine Arts and MA in Corporate Communication, she also became and expert in Nutrition and Dietetics Planning and took courses in Relational Coaching.

The visual map of quarantine

As a visual practitioner, I was asked by a lifestyle magazine to create a mural to visualize how I was living this corona quarantine. Link to video

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Using my magic wands * Drawing to learn * [yoga]

Being at home due to coronavirus, I decided to start paying closer attention to yoga inspired by a publication on Continue Reading

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