We have revised our VizDots (formally known as Marking Dots – Visual). Just because we thought it’s about time to give them a new face. We like the result. Four faces, that you can smack onto ideas and suggestions – right away on your pinboard.
And we mean that in a nice way. The color coding in addition to the faces makes it obvious which dot stands for what: As with traffic lights, red stands for stop, yellow for ‘hmm, don’t know’ and green for go, go, go. And if it’s about a good idea: we also have a friendly beaming VizDot for that.

In a nutshell, we like the new VizDots. It was a long way. We’ve created a great deal of sketches, but also dismissed them until we got to where we wanted to be. Have a look at what you’ve been spared.

In the beginning we thought, we could express moods with weather conditions. On your Marker, get set, go.

But who says rain isn’t nice? So that wasn’t it either. We’ve also tried if hands could speak::

But no. Where consent worked well, the chippy hand seemed rather blank. And how should we show doubts or even love? Neat idea, but obsolete.

So we thougt, maybe faces work. Or punctuation marks. Or both …

Our impression was, that idea had potential.

We’ve colorized them because all ideas deserve a second chance. And switched the colores back and forth.

So we’ve finetuned here and there – and now they are here! You can check out our new VizDots in our shop – and of course order them as well.

And please, tell us how you like them. Best, you slap a dot on them.