Acrylic colors are perfect for drawing on all kinds of material. But you don’t necessarily have to use markers like the Neuland AcrylicOne. Why don’t you try our refills?

Choose your drawing surface

I decided to draw on black paper. At Neuland you can either buy a whole paper roll of black paper, or a BlackPad, which is FlipChart paper. The acrylic colors will look amazing on the dark surface.

The first step

Don’t forget to shake the refill bottle properly to allow the color particles to blend with the water. If you’re not sure how long to shake the bottles, do it a bit longer than you would!
Then, open the bottle and put the nib down to the paper. Slightly squeeze the bottle to let the ink flow. Now you can draw your first element on the paper. And don’t be afraid of splashes or doing something wrong.

Why? Because with this technique we actually want to put a lot of ink on the paper. When you’re done drawing, take the piece of paper and move it to let the ink start running.

Wait a bit until the first part of your artwork is dry. Then you can add more colors and elements to your picture.

It’s very exciting to watch the picture develop. Sometimes two colors merge unexpectedly. In the picture below you can see a red line with a blue edge. When we moved the paper, these colors started moving as well and they chose the same path.

The colorful stripes in this picture are actually big splashes of color at the top of the painting. We tilted the paper and this was the result.
After letting them dry, we added the outlines of the face with another refill bottle.

Here’s some more inspiration for you. As you can see it’s a lot of fun doing this. And during one session you will most certainly get more than one piece of art.

Have fun with this!

You need:

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