Kelvy Bird, Heather Martinez and Brandy Agerbeck will travel to Europe to offer five wonderful workshops. Be there! But first, you will meet them live on our YouTube channel.

I’m not sure if they really come over from the US, sitting on a marker, but at least they have so many markers to show you what to do with them.
All of them are not only ambassadors for our products in the US, but also real pioneers in their field.

In the next few months they will show us their expertise here in Europe. Find out more.

All workshops will be held in English.
Before you flinch and think, “Oh dear, I’ll never grab that!”, I’d like to encourage you to sign up anyway.
Brandy, Kelvy and Heather will automatically reduce their speech rate when landing in Europe. They will also almost exclusively use visual elements in their workshops that makes it easy for you to understand them.

Meet Brandy, Kelvy and Heather in our livestreams! For free!

If you are not sure yet, then here are three appetizers for you, as all three introduce themselves with a special learning snack from their expertise in three live sessions for free.
Ask all your questions and take some small learning snacks for your work with you.

Meet Brandy, Kelvy and Heather and our social media correspondent Sandra Dirks live in our new live short workshop format. They show their expertises and Sandra facilitates these live sessions.
Come in, use the chat and draw with us.

The live sessions will be held in English!

The live sessions will be recorded and will be available on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel afterwards, if you can’t make it live.

But before we start with the live sessions, we introduce you to Brandy, Kelvy and Heather.

Who is Brandy Agerbeck?

Brandy Agerbeck writes, speaks and teaches on the power of drawing as your best thinking tool.

In 2016, she celebrated 20 years as a graphic facilitator, mapping out her clients’ best complex conversations in live, large-scale drawings. In 2012, she published “The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide”. Her first book has been embraced by a global audience, and she’s considered a leader in the field of graphic facilitation.

While being the one person in the room drawing for a group is as gratifying as it is intense, Brandy now aims to help others embrace drawing for themselves to do their own best work, based on her second book “The Idea Shapers”.

Brandy lives in Chicago with a delightful fella and a usually-delightful cat. She delights travelling, crafting and watching spy movies. Please visit to learn more.

This is her Workshop

Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation with Brandy Agerbeck

Save the date: October 8th/9th 2018
More information about content and registration: COMING SOON!

Meet Brandy in our YouTube Live Event May 2, 2018 – 6 PM CET:

Neuland Anniversary Ambassador Tour Talk: Brandy Agerbeck – The Draw Quad

The Draw Quad: Drawing to See, Think, Show and Do

Brandy designed this model to help stifled drawers broaden their definition of drawing, so they could find a place this endlessly adaptable skill in their work.

We’ll talk about finding freedom in our work with one key distinction Brandy will share.

After this 10,000 view of our work, Brandy will get hands-on with a very practical way to choose color in your work.
She’ll share The Trio, one of the visual thinking concepts from her latest book, The Idea Shapers.

The power of putting your thinking into your own hands, and her new online course, The Agerbeck Method: Your 90 day visual thinking transformation

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Who is Kelvy Bird?

Kelvy Bird is an artist and internationally recognized visual practitioner.
As co-founder of the Presencing Institute, she has helped shape many of the online and global community offerings, most recently the edX course u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future.
She also co-founded dpict, a firm specializing in scribing to advance social understanding.
In 2016, Kelvy co-edited the anthology Drawn Together through Visual Practice. In 2018, she released Generative Scribing: A Social Art of the 21st Century.

Kelvy travels to deliver workshops to grow the visual practice community, and lives near Boston, Massachusetts.

This is her Workshop

Visual Practice Workshop with Kelvy Bird

Reception and welcoming circle – July 25, Rungstegaard starting at 5:00pm

Main workshop – July 26, 27, and 28, Rungstegaard – ending at 3:00pm

More information about content and registration:

Meet Kelvy in our YouTube Live Event May 16, 2018 – 6 PM CET:

Neuland Anniversary Ambassador Tour Talk: Kelvy Bird – Levels of Scribing – An Overview

Levels of Scribing: An Overview
Kelvy will share a framework for levels of scribing

The levels of scribing we will explore include:
1) Mirror, 2) Differentiate, 3) Connect, 4) Surface.

Each level has it’s value and place in a visual practice.
As we expand our capacity to listen and engage the unknown, we shift from representing what we literally hear to what we can sense emerging.

Through this online session, participants will learn about various ”Levels of Scribing” that can apply across all types of client and community settings.
There will be time to learn the basic framework, engage in a guided practice, see examples of scribing at each level, and join in conversation through questions and answers.

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Who is Heather Martinez?

Heather Martinez is a visual practitioner, lettering artist, and Visioneer-at-large.
She studies with master calligraphers, sign painters, and graffiti artists to learn their tools and techniques then translates that into markers on paper to use in her work and share with other visual practitioners.
Heather has finally settled down in Durango, Colorado after taking a gap year tinkering around the country in a 1947 teardrop trailer. Please visit to learn more.

These are her Workshops

Lettering with Heather Martinez

Day One, July 26, Rungstegaard Level Up Your Lettering :: EuViz 2018

Day Two, July 27, Rungstegaard
Practical Applications of Lettering for the Visual Practitioner

More information about content and registration: (Scroll down)

Meet Heather in our YouTube Live Event May 23, 2018 – 6 PM CET:

Neuland Anniversary Ambassador Tour Talk with Heather Martinez – Are you a lettering addict?

Are you a lettering addict? Not yet?

Did you know that Heather adapts sign painting and calligraphy styles to use with the marker? This makes it easy for graphic recorders, facilitators, and trainers to start lettering with their preferred markers.

On her website you find the free course “Unlock your Neuland Markers,” where she demonstrates 4 lettering styles using 4 different Neuland marker.
So grab your markers! And join us in this short, how-to live session. Heather will share how to add serifs to nearly any lettering style using each of the different Neuland marker nibs.

Heather will also give us a short overview of the workshops she is offering at EuViz 2018. Find out more:

Please letter with us! And ask any questions you have about lettering with Neuland markers.

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