Bikablo® Visual Facilitation Training for the first time on American soil!

Two months, eight stops and a route coast to coast! A dream comes true for visual facilitation ambassadors Carola Keitel and Frank Wesseler of bikablo® akademie/Germany – They will be traveling across the US offering two-day-trainings hosted by local friends of the visual facilitation field.

Sponsored by Neuland®


Decatur, Georgia – June 20-23
at IFVP conference

Atlanta, Georgia – June 26-27
hosted by Jenny Trautman of

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – July 11-12
hosted by Amanda Lyons of

Washington D.C., – July 21-22
hosted by Stephanie Brown (SOLD OUT!!)

New York City, New York – July 25-26
hosted by Jill Greenbaum of

Chicago, Illinois – Aug. 7-8
hosted by Brandy Agerbeck of

Fort Collins, Colorado – Aug. 15-16
hosted by Karina Mullen Branson of

San Francisco, California – Aug. 24-25
hosted by The Grove Consultants International