The EuViz is THE Conference for all Visualizers, Visual Practitioners … Visual Dings.

In short: For all the people who work with pictures and markers and people.
Christina and Mara from this years organizing team give us five really good reasons to visit the conference this year in a quick interview.

Christina Hemmigsen and Mara Callaert have come together after the last EuViz conference to organize the Euviz 2018 in Denmark. They work together with an organizing team. In this short interview they tell us why and when they came up with this idea.
These are really good reasons to visit the conference this year. Listen to the podcast:

This session was reorded as a live session on Facebook. Unfortunately, the video quality was too bad, for this reason we decided to transform this post here into a lightly illustrated podcast.

Here you’ll find more information about EuViz:

All information about the EuViz 2018:

Buy your ticket here: https://www.euviz2018.comPssssssst! If you want to win EuViz tickets, have a look here:

Will you be there?