Refillable Markers with acrylic paint in 19 colors and three different nib widths.

But actually what can you use them for? How do they look like on the dark background? How does the bright paint looks like on a different one? How do they get along with ArtMarkers or with a FinOne?

We’ve tested it for you and this is our story:


white Acrylic1 & black permanent ArtMarker on black Notepad


white Acrylic1 & black Permanent ArtMarker on light blue Acrylic1 (wait till it’s dry…)


orange Acrylic1 on light blue Acrylic1 (and of course: black 6 white on blue)


(same as above)


finally, the shadow: s’more tones of grey, water soluble ArtMarker (again: drying needs a little time)

Basically covers the thick AcrylicOne very well. Nevertheless on large surfaces, it is advisable to use some shorter sweeps to achieve the expected covering results.
Since the paint is highly water-laden, it takes time for the surface to be completely dry. The paper can roll a little bit too, therefore some patience is required. But beside that everything works great.
Finally, we show the used tools once again. Thanks for reading.


Editors: Neuland
Illustrations: Thies Thiessen