October 4th, 2013: The team from Bigger Picture celebrate their 10-year anniversary at their lovely office space in beautiful Copenhagen. Guido Neuland was one of the invited guests and loved the atmosphere and content of the event. One of the main highlights was the special keynote speaker: Patrick van der Pijl from Business Models Inc.

Danish Design meets Business

Everything was perfectly prepared for the guests who comprised of customers, business partners, and friends.



70 guests were personally invited and warmly welcomed by co-hosts Ole Qvist-Sørensen and Loa Baastrup.



The relaxed and friendly atmosphere set the perfect tone for a great start to the celebration event.



Let the show begin

Ole and Loa opened the event and lead their guests through a Bigger Picture 10-year time journey. The graphic timeline was created on a large Graphic Wall that was vital to their workshop success.




Ole’s father Lennard Qvist-Sørensen was there too, and it was very evident that he was quite proud of what his son has been able to accomplish in the past 10 years. Lennard is also involved with the company and looks after IT and administration. He brought 20 years of experience from the IT industry with all his contacts to the table when they began the company.


Visual Thinking for Business

Next up, they had a special surprise for all the guests when they announced Patrick van der Pijl from Amsterdam was there for a keynote presentation. Patrick and his company Business Model Inc. are well known far beyond European borders. His successful first book: “Book Business Model Generation”, was published together with Alexander Osterwalder from Switzerland.



Although Patrick warned us that there would be around about 300 slides in his presentation; it definitely didn’t feel long. Especially as he mixed in some “analogue breaks” where he showed some fundamentals of visualization in relation to the Business Model Canvas.



One of the key phrases in his presentation was about new management skills. Thomas Thorhauge – one of the graphic recorders in the room captured some ideas in his chart:



In groups of two the guests who learned how to draw the Business Model Canvas engaged in some dialogue about their own business models.



After two rounds of 15 minutes, they presented their results and had the opportunity to ask questions that were answered by Patrick von der Pijl.


A very big thank you to everyone for making this a memorable day and a perfect event.


The Team from Bigger Picture did a wonderful job!


Creative discussions lead to visual inspiration on people’s paper table clothes 🙂


Of course we offered a huge assortment of Neuland products for people to browse and shop in-between workshops.



We look forward to the next celebration!

Here is the video link of the event:



More about Bigger Picture on their website: www.biggerpicture.dk
An Patricks Homepage for further informations: www.businessmodelsinc.com